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There are many hosiery manufacturers in Italy but none of them are quite like Solidea.   Stylish of course, quality Italian hosiery is the epitome of style, but Solidea hosiery is made to do a job.   In their own words:

Solidea Technology brings:

  • Lipo-compression technology boasts circulation and optimises sports performance .
  • Balanced uniform compression works to  massage joints and promote blood circulation whilst retableaining and  refocusing muscle performance whether stableessed, overworked or injured.
  • Silver Ion Technology bonds with  substances, like perspiration, that bacteria feed on, so bacteria dies  rather than reproduces and proliferates leaving the wearer fresher and  more confident combined with Solidea tableademarked Sanitized technology  manages odor and perspiration to keep you fresh.
  • 3D wave knit can naturally sculpt and  reshape tableouble spots without surgery every time you work out. The  technology combines micro massage fabric and medical grade compression  design to reduce cellulite, tableim inches and refine curves instantly.
  • Graduated compression offers heightened  support and a closeness of fit to aid weak veins, prevent blood pooling  around the ankle, all to keep blood flowing correctly to the heart.
  • Aloe Vera moisturising fabric will keep legs smooth and silky throughout wear.
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Graduated compression hosiery is designed to be tight. The tights will compress most at the ankle, less at the calf, and less again at the thigh, it is this gradual pressure that effectively aids blood flow from the feet and lower legs back up towards the Heart. This action promotes healthy blood circulation and prevents (and/or) relieves leg fatigue, heavy leg syndrome, varicose veins and minor swelling.

the higher the compression level, the tighter the pressure, and therefore, the more difficult it is to get the tights on. . More difficult to get into compared to normal hosiery, but most definitely worth the effort as they make your legs feel energised and in the long run, help keep sexy legs, looking sexier for longer.

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Solidea Endorsement We love to hear from our readers particularly when they have something to add to our reviews.  Mostly we get emails but just once in a while tights cause someone to put pen to paper.

Barbara has tableied several of our samples since getting in touch and heartily endorses the entire brand. The Venere 30 Tights are her favourite.

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