Wolford Fatal 50 Seamless Tights

Wolford Fatal 50 Tights

Opaque, seamless, revolutionary, seamless throughout, even in the panty section, these matte tights are made especially for cool seasons and create a flawless appearance, even under tight-fitting clothes. Sexy and fashionably worn on hips.


50 Denier, 91 % Nylon, 9 % Lycra, Price: 24.00

Wolford Fatal 50 Tights


Our Review

Leigh Models Wolford Fatal 50 TightsIf you mention seamless tights the chances are that Wolford fatal will be the style that people think of.  In all probability it will be Wolford Fatal 15 Tights that will spring to mind, the ultimate in sheer hosiery for wearing under clingy or close fitting clothes. Connoisseurs of quality hosiery will be more likely to think of Wolford Fatal Neon Tights the iconic style that this one replaced... it has taken us over 10 years to forgive Wolford enough to review the “new” style.

So first impressions, well unmistakeably Wolford.  These are top quality tights with no superfluous details, straight legs, sandal toe and of course seamless all the way to the waistband.    The waistband and the diagonal lines in the panty where the knitting changes direction are shared with the sheer 15 denier version.

Soft to the touch and stretchy these tights are both a delight to handle and to put on.  The sizing is more generous than the size chart suggests so unlike some other Wolford styles these tights are a good fit if you are both tall and well built.

Fatal styles are all about a smooth fit and finish, here the fit is excellent but does not follow the contours of your bottom as closely as the 15 denier.

Colour density is excellent and even so you are getting a high class matt look, and one that will last too thanks to the quality yarns and manufacture.Leigh Models Wolford Fatal 50 Tights_2

So they look great and they feel great but are they value for money?  Well yes, a decade or so ago Wolfords cost you 20 when ordinary tights cost 2-3 and a top brand sheer was 5-7, now others brands frequently charge close to 20 without coming close to Wolford quality.

Could this design be improved?  Well perhaps by going down to 40 denier and gaining a high gloss finish.

26 March 2014


Special thanks to Leigh for showing off these tights so wonderfully.

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