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Veneziana is a Polish brand however all their tights are made in Italy. With 20 years of experience Veneziana has developed a fashionable Italian style with quality of finish and innovative bold designs. Veneziana offers range of hosiery including tights, leggings, hold ups, stockings and socks.

Good quality tights at a very good price price.   In partnership with Stockings HQ

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Veneziana Tights
Cocco Suspender Effect Tights
4.96 Details
Dalia Semi-opaque Suspender Tights
8.50 Details
Diamant 8 Ultra-sheer Summer Tights
4.50 Details
Giratierra Lace Effect Suspender Tights
8.50 Details
Mama Donna Sheer Maternity Tights
4.50 Details



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