Trasparenze Romance Tights

Trasparenze Romance Tights

Feminine and floral, we adore the Romance Tights from Italian brand Trasparenze. A whimsical twist on the mock suspender tights design, the 15 denier tights feature a patterned brief, mock hold ups and decorative motifs throughout. A luxurious work of art! 

Reinforced Toe

V line Brief

No Gusset

15 Denier, 92 % Nylon, 8 % Lycra, Price: 13.00

Trasparenze Romance Tights


Our Review

There is no mistaking that Trasparenze Casting Tights and Trasparenze Romance Tights are part of the same collection, both feature a floral motif on a mock hold up design, both also have a Hollywood related theme in their name.    Check out the pictures of either of these designs and you will see how they bestow a movie star quality... Sorry ladies of course you already had movie star quality!

Trasparenze Romance Tights WM300Detailing is everything we would expect from Trasparenze, sandal toe, uniform weight hip to toe, flat seams in the panty and a lined gusset. We have said it before and we say it again, we would love to see more plain sheers from Trasparenze they make them so well.

Of course Trasparenze are all about design and here they have got is just right once again with a floral mock stocking and a clever dark panty.    The floral motif repeats on each hip but the main panty portion is black so you can wear these tights without underwear for a smooth silhouette without losing your dignity. You really do need to wear short a short dress or skirt to show off your legs in such lovely tights.

Fit and sizing are spot on with enough stretch to cope if you are long in the leg for your height.  Fit is very good as is the level of comfort, you will feel as good as you look.

Another winning design from Trasparenze, our model liked them so much she asked to take them home... They look so good on her how could we refuse.

2 January 2014


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