Trasparenze Belen Tights

Trasparenze Belen Tights


15 Denier,  83 % Nylon, 10 % Lycra, 7 % Polypropylene, Price: 10.99

Trasparenze Belen Fashion Tights


Our Review

Trasparenze specialise in making high fashion variations on the theme of the classic 15 denier sheer.   Over past seasons that has included a lot of variations on the theme of tights that look like hold-up stockings or stockings and suspender... now they have broken the mould.

Still the same 15 denier sheer base with sheer to waist construction, flat seams, lined gusset, shaped heel and sandal toe, still the same quality too. 

The design here is a flutter of butterflies in shades of purple around the left ankle and the panty.  This does bring us to a question... who is going to see the ones on the panty?  and further what underwear will work?  

Four sizes as ever from Trasparenze, to fit up to 180cm (6’1) and 85kg (187lb).  The sizing is accurate but it needs some careful stretching to get all the size available in terms of leg length.... the reward for patience is an excellent fit.

The finish on the leg is matt to best show off the design and as a consequence it is quite rough to the touch.    On the plus side a rough finish makes for a nice swish should you choose to cross your legs that way.

So back to the design... the only underwear that will work and show off the design is something very small and either skin tone or a shade of purple... we would suggest no underwear but then the design will look perfect but you won’t dare let anyone see it.

Well made tights, an innovative design that looks great on a model in a photoshoot; but sadly too much of the design, including the Trasparenze motif on the waistband is where it will never been seen in everyday wear.

Not the best tights Trasparenze have come up with, but we still like them for the spirit of adventure and innovation.

6 August 2013

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