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Spanx are famous across the World for providing the shaping tights and panties that give those celebrities of a certain age that perfect shape and silhouette.   We are delighted to offer you a selection of their products in partnership with UKTights


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Spanx Tights
Spanx Ready To Wow Structured Leggings
85.99 Details
Spanx Tight End Tights - High Waisted
38.99 Details
Spanx Haute Contour Tights
38.99 Details
Spanx Tight End High Waisted Reversible Tights
36.99 Details
Spanx Super Shaping Sheer Tights High Waisted
27.99 Details
Spanx Tight End Tights - Original
25.99 Details
Spanx Mama Spanx Full Length Tights
23.99 Details
Spanx Super Shaping Sheer Tights Original
23.99 Details



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