Sock Shop

Sock Shop used to be the UK’s only retail chain concerned only with hosiery. They sold “own label” products only. Most of their tights are very nice, and it is a pity they become relegated to motorway service areas and the like before finally going out of business.  The high street need hosiery stores.

The good news is that Sock Shop is back as an on-line retailer.  No longer only an “own label” retailer they will stock tights from their own Sock Shop brand, Elle hosiery from their new parent company and a variety of UK & European brands including Cette and Falke.   Click on the banner below to see what they have to offer.

A great feature of the Sock Shop own brand is that the size charts give two combinations of height and weight for each size, a long thin one and a short and fuller figured one, a huge help in selecting the right size.


Sock Shop Classic Nylon 10 Denier _2007_2 Sock Shop Classic Nylon 30 Denier_2 SockShop 9 Denier Cool Cosmetic Tights with Aloe Vera_2 SockShop 70 Denier Diamond Tressor Opaque Tights_2 SockShop 70 Denier Hexagonal Pattern Opaque Tights_2 Sock Shop Invisible Slimming_2
SockShop 30 Denier Sheer Opaque Tights_2 Sock Shop Showstoppers_2 Sock Shop Smooth Sheer Tights_2 SockShop 70 Denier Plain Soft Touch Tights_2 Sock Shop Summer Nude_2 SockShop Tapestry Flower Patterned Tights_2
Sock Shop Classic Nylon 10 Denier_2

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