Silvia Grandi Top 30 Tights

Silvia Grandi Top 30 Tights

Sheer but strong, this pantyhose will capture you with its alluring satin matt effect.

Cotton Gusset

30 Denier, 80 % Nylon, 18 % Lycra, 2 % Cotton , Price: $17.99

Silvia Grandi Top 30 Tights
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Our Review

You have to look carefully at the details on the packet of these tights because the standard printed packet says there is a cotton gusset, but look at the  size label that closes our size 4 XL sample packet and you see a small cartoon that shows a comfort gusset or rear panel instead.  There is incidentally a size 5 XXL too and you can be sure that this too has the comfort gusset.

Sizes 4 and 5 both fit up to 5'10" or 185cm height... Except of course 185 cm is 6'1" not 5'10". Still that gives us something to talk about.

Detailing is exactly what we would hope, indeed expect, from a quality Italian brand, sheer to waist, shaped legs, sheer reinforced toe, flat seams and a gusset.   Our test pair came in size 4 or XL so featured a comfort gusset, something to be very aware of if like us you are used to the German convention of a lined gusset up to and including size 4 which is L in say Falke.   There is T-band reinforcement in all sizes, in sizes 4 and 5 this same weight and finish extends to the comfort gusset too.

So the sizing...  Well of course proportions vary but even 6’1” seems an underestimate for the maximum height, a slim to athletic 34” leg was no problem for size 4.   The comfort gusset give a generous fit in the seat too, so our advice would be to stick with size 3 unless you are really pressing the upper boundary of size 4.  Fit is very good even with the comfort gusset.

Colour is perfectly even and at 30 denier it is dense too, still sheer but more concealing that lighter sheers. Durable for work and ever so classy for the evening.

Perhaps with an eye to the evening the toes although “reinforced” appear more sheer than the leg, just about OK with peep tow shoes but no substitute for a real sandal toe.

All in all very good tights at a sensible price.

5 August 2013


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