Silkies the Secret of Beautiful Legs.

Finally, hosiery and underwear that looks and feels fantastic with all your fashions!  See our great range of comfortable, long-lasting products in fashionable, figure-flattering styles delivered right to your door. To get up to 50% off our retail prices and other great member benefits why not join the Silkies Made-to-Order Hosiery Service ?


With Silkies Made-to-Order Hosiery Service, you receive regular deliveries of Silkies hosiery in the styles, sizes, and shades of your choice. You can always make changes to your order or mix and match your selections. You'll get exactly what you want, when you want it -- delivered right to your door. Your Silkies hosiery will arrive on the delivery schedule you choose for as long as you love them!

Silkies were doing hosiery by mail order when almost everyone else was selling through high street stores and the idea of Internet shopping had not been thought of.   They now sell through their web site at

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