Zohara Retro Flower Footless Tights

Zohara Retro Flower Footless Tights

Footless 20 denier sheer tights with a floral design inspired by art deco

One  size - fits UK Size 8-16.


20 Denier, 85 % Nylon, 15 % Lycra,

Zohara Retro Flowers Footless Tights

Our Review

The Zohara recipe as we saw from their 120 denier tights is to make just one design of tights and then print a pattern on to differentiate the styles, a clever way of having a large range with minimal costs.    They keep costs down still further by only making one size.

Actually Zohara make two styles in 120 den and two in 20 den but as one is a footless variation of the other that hardly counts.

So what are the tights like?

Well smooth, soft and clearly very good quality... in the leg.  Clearly someone has decided that when going to 20 denier you need to try to make tights cooler and they includes a boxer style brief knitted to maximise ventilation.  The lined gusset and flat seams of the 120 denier tights are still there but we would have liked sheer to waist.

The boxer top will be more durable, more comfortable on larger ladies (a consideration for one size tights) and very probably cooler but the length it extends into the leg will mean it is not suitable for wear with shorts or very short skirts. The panty is also very long in the body so if you are small to average in build the waistband will sit very high, well above a skirt waistband.

The panty is a shame as the legs are great.   Close fitting and comfortable, perfectly even colour and just the thing for warmer days.   The printed design is visually appealing and has the effecting of lengthening your lower leg.

Great concept, good quality but a curious choice of panty design.

22 July 2013

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