Pretty Polly Shape It Up Tum & Bum Lift Tights

Pretty Polly Shape It Up Tum& Bum Lift Tights aka “My Rear Rocks” Tights

Super comfortable 3D waistband

Medium level control

Flat seamed & cotton gusset for comfort

Tum control

Pouches to lift bottom

15 Denier, 82 % Nylon,  17 % Lycra, 1 % Cotton, Price: 12.00

Pretty Polly Rock My Rear Tights


Our Review

15 denier tights with a panty designed to control your tummy and lift & shape your bum, made in England in two sizes to fit heights from 5'0 to 5'10.  A few initial surprises! The legs are straight and wide and feel on the heavy side of 15 denier. Reinforced toes are no surprise but perhaps a disappointment as they limit choice of footwear.

The panty is a real piece of engineering in two distinct parts. There is a lower bikini style panty with sheer oval panels at the rear and above that a very deep waist cinching band. There is cotton gusset for fit and hygiene and flat seams for comfort.

The heavy feel of the legs is noticeable more as you put the tights on, quite a contrast with the Charnos killer figure range which has gorgeous light sheer legs.  There is a visually high quality matt finish  though and an impression of durability.

We are put in mind of light support tights, as far as the look and external feel go, but there is no compression on the legs.

As for fit is is good with no bagging or sagging and there is ample legs length, the larger size easily coping with a slim to athletic 34" leg.  The panty is quite  generous, easy to put on and not a bit constricting. The front is plain and provides some tummy flattening while the rear defines and lifts your bum cheeks.

As for the upper cinching band it doesn't really work unless you have a waist to cinch, without a well defined waist it will tend to roll over...

Great for a bum shaper but falling short in the tummy and waist areas

A well conceived design that owes a lot to the Pretty Polly Bum Boost Tights of many years ago.  Shaped as sheer hosiery by the latest offerings from Charnos.

24 March 2013

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