Pretty Polly Joanne Hynes Love Tights

Pretty Polly Joanne Hynes Love Tights

Understated opaques are a thing of yesteryear, as Pretty Polly join up with designer Joanne Hynes to inject a little colour & charm into your tights this season. Complete with romantic motifs, the Heart Tromp L’oeil Tights are perfect for keeping pins snug in style.

Matte Finish

Reinforced Toe

Sheer to Waist Brief

No Gusset

60 Denier, 74 % Nylon, 10 % Lycra, 16 % Polypropylene, Price: 15.00

Pretty Polly & Joanne Hynes Heart Tromp L'oeil Tights


Pretty Polly Joanne Hynes Heart Tights WM300Our Review

Given that hosiery manufactures must have their own teams of designers putting together collection after collection, season after season you might wonder why they need to user celebrity designers to produce designs for them. Well of course there is the obvious answer that they can sell “designer” styles at a higher price.

Perhaps more importantly the celebrity designer can go a little outside the box and come up with something completely new.

Confession time now, I have no idea who Joanne Hynes is but I can tell you that she knows how to style a pair of tights for maximum visual effect.

Based on a standard opaque, so standard that the legs are unshaped and the panty has no gusset, this design is quite unique.  You can just about make out that down the inside of each leg there is a more sheer strip which cleverly is not straight but slightly wavy, this extends upwards into the panty as the black “straps” through the red.  The only other adornment is a large red heart on the inside of each leg.

The comparison with standard opaques extends to the sizing, these are “one size” tights to fit up to 5’10” (178cm) tall, 160lb (72kg) weight and 42” (107cm) hips.  If you are are at the bottom end of the range you might find them too big, on a slender model  (5’6” and a UK size 8) they do fit as you can see in our picture.  If you are much bigger and taller then the good news is that there is stretch to go way beyond what Pretty Polly suggest, the panty section is particularly generous. (Will fit up to 6’3, 220lb, 46” hips)

The simple styling does not compromise fit so you will feel as good as you look, the weight means they will keep your legs warm too.

The one flaw in the design is perhaps that the gorgeous panty section would be hidden so you really need to take your skirt as short as you dare, pair with high black heels and the the vertical elements in the design will make your legs look endless.

Of all the tights in for review this season this is the one the models wanted to take home.

Lots of style and quality without breaking the bank.

9 December 2013

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