P2 is a brand/subsidiary of Palmers. Any regular traveller to Europe will be familiar with the Palmers stores that appears in most major cities.

We had been told in the past that their hosiery is largely manufactured by Wolford and that was why their tights are of top quality. It has to be said that subtle differences in detail had lead us to believe that that was perhaps not the case.  This is very clear when comparing the P2 Seamless to Wolford fatal.

So thanks to Jonathan at UKtights.com  here it is from the horse’s mouth a clear statement from Palmers..

“Wolford was founded in 1950 by Reinhold Wolff & Walter Palmers.

Palmers was founded in 1914 with its first shop in Innsbruck, Austria.

Both companies are Austrian companies, with Wolford HQ in Bregenz and Palmers in Vienna.

Despite the past connections between Wolford and Palmers, we are now 2 separate companies manufacturing our own products.


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