Mondor Tights Style 5384
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Mondor Tights Style 5384

Cable pattern Merino wool tights

Reciprocated heel and toe

Sewn elastic waistband

4 Sizes from Small to Extra Large

45 % Merino Wool, 45 % Acrylic, 8 % Nylon, 2 % Lycra Elastane

Mondor Tights 5384

Our Review

This is the second style from the Mondor Merino collection that we have looked at.   The other, style 5629, has the same fibre as this but is a ribbed rather than cable knit.  

The other key differences between the two styles is that this is a genuine pair of tights rather than a footless style and the cable knit only extends to the top of the leg, the panty being plain knit.

The seams in the panty are not flat but they are well finished.   Unusually all sizes feature the V-shaped rear panel (comfort gusset) normally seen on larger size European hosiery.

Although not particularly soft in the hand these tights are pleasant and comfortable to wear, the foot detailing is particularly good.   As winter tights these are just what is required, warm, comfortable stylish, well made and durable.

Practicality is all well and good but hosiery is about looking good too.   The strong vertical lines in the cable knit are very slimming and the overall effect is far less sock-like than we feared.  You really should wear with shorts or a very short skirt, but not so short the plain knit top is visible.

Sizing is accurate and there is enough stretch to give a good fit but not to take liberties with the size chart.

Perfect for the English weather we just hope they are shipped from Canada soon.

11 October 2011

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