Mondor Tights Style 5347
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Mondor Tights Style 5347

Rosa tights

Lycra Soft comfort waistband

4 Sizes Small to Extra Large

15 Denier, 85 % Nylon, 15 % Lycra

Mondor Tights 5347

Our Review

Mondor have made a great reputation for themselves in sports hosiery, skating tights, dancing tights and gym tights; and we have seen some opaque styles from them but this is our first look at their chic fashion range.

A note first on the packaging.   Mondor supply most of their opaques in open packets but the chic lines come in closed flat packets.   There is just one plain packet design with a sticker added  showing a graphic of the pattern.     This helps a lot as what you see through the small window on the packet tells you nothing, it is no substitute for a proper picture like that above though... clearly they aim to spend on making tights not printing fancy packets.

There are four sizes to choose from and the size range is broad, from height 4’11” to 5’11” (150-180cm) and from weight 96 lb to -175 lb (43-77kg).  The packet also carries a chart explaining just how opaque each denier should look, but sadly omits to say that these are 15 denier tights.

The legs of these tights are straight and sheer/patterned all the way to the toe seam.  The panty section is a boxer style brief that has a lined gusset to improve fit.   The seams in the panty are quite fine and well finished.

There is excellent contrast between the 15 denier sheer legs and the knitted in pattern, even at the limits of stretch the roses are clearly defined. The base colour is perfectly even.

Fit is good throughout with good levels of comfort too.   Sizing is a little more generous that the size chart suggests, helped by a good amount of Lycra in the fibre.

The boxer style brief is functional but not attractive, you would have to be sure to choose skirts, dresses or shorts that kept it concealed at all times.

Fun fashion tights made to a sensible budget.

18 October 2011

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