Levante Skin Tight Cosmetic

Levante Skin Tight Cosmetic Tights

Levante Skin-Tight a new dimension in hosiery designed to cosmetically beautify your legs.

The translucent 10 denier appearance of Skin-Tight Cosmetic enhances your natural skin tone for a look of visible perfection

Like "make-up for your legs", Skin-Tight Cosmetic gives your skin an all over finish in sheer, perfect colour.

Skin-Tight Cosmetic uses a brand new technology with unique tri-dimensional elasticity for a truly skin hugging, perfect fit.

10 Denier, 78 % Nylon, 19 % Lycra, 3 % Cotton, Price: 4.99

Levante Skin Tight Cosmetic

Our Review

Sheer to Waist, sandal toe

Heavier version of Skin Tight 5 maybe ?

Recommended in Selfridges as the newest thing in (Oct 2000), by the girl who normally does Aristoc.

Excellent fit and a very soft and silky feel.

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