Levante Sheer Low Waist Tights

Levante Sheer Low Waist Tights

silky soft, satin matte tight with a bikini bried specially designed to fit snuggly and securely on the hips, and to allow you the freedom to wear low cut skirt and pant fashions.

will not show above lower-waisted clothing

Uuique low cut bikini brief

12 denier appearance

Cotton gusset

Sheer toe

12 Denier, 82 % Nylon, 15 % Lycra, 3 % Cotton, Price: 7.00

Levante Sheer Low Waist Tights

Our Review

Levante have a reputation for making some great fashion tights but they also make some great sheer tights, sometimes with a twist.

Levante Sheer Low Waist Tights Brief Front ViewIn this case the twist is to combine sheer sandal toe legs with a heavy bikini style brief designed not as a control top but as a holding top, intended to allow you more flexibility when placing the waistband with a reasonable expectation of your tights staying in place.





Levante Sheer Low Waist Tights Brief Rear View

The panty is finished with flat seams and a lined gusset and has special stretch panels on each hip. The waistband is plain except for sets of 4 vertical stripes on each hip, these in case you did not know are an indication of size.  Size 4 being designed to fit up to 6'1" or 185 cm.




Levante Sheer Low Waist Tights Side ViewThe sheer matt legs look and feel wonderful, all twists aside these are quality sheer tights, ideal for cooler summer weather when you want the bare look without the chill.

The panty is snug and works exactly as intended so you can wear as hipsters with low waisted fashions.  Not a control top per se but tighter than your typical sheer.

Sizing is accurate, frequently in the past we have recommended Levante to taller ladies because they offered extra leg length but these are as the size chart.


A question we were asked recently was whether you can machine wash and tumble dry tights?  Well we chucked these in the washer with some towels then tumble dried the lot together too... and the result?   Well they came out perfect.

Before you try this yourself and blame us for your ruined tights we have to tell you that these are quality tights and we used a Miele washer and tumble drier, a brand renowned for the smoothness of its drums.

15 June 2014

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