Levante have to be the most prolific hosiery makers in Europe, if not the World,  covering the full range of tights from good everyday tights right through to high fashion.  They used to be mostly within the 4 - 9 price bracket, but since 2010 their prices have increased significantly in line with the general upward trend of hosiery prices.

The range is extensive and constantly changing, even where the styles don’t change the packaging does.   But be patient and look through the reviews and the styles stocked by our partners. It will be worth it.


Levante Current Season Fashion

Levante Alessandra Tights_2 Levante Gigi Net Tights_2 Levante Manuela Tights_2 Levante Laced Side Tights_2 Levante Loveheart Tights_2


Levante Core Range

Levante Class (2007)_2 Levante Backseam Tights_2 Levante Brillante (2009)_2 Levante Eclipse (2007)_2 Levante Fishnet Tights_2 Levante Luxury Satin Tights_2
Levante Micronet Tights_2 Levante Nude Control (2007)_2 Levante Platino Tights_2 Levante Resistenza 5 Ultra Sheer Non Run Tights_2 Levante Sheer Profile Tights_2 Levante Solare 2007_2
Levante 50 Denier Suede MatterTights_2 Levante 80 Denier Ultimate Tights_2 Levante Wool-Rib-Tights_2 Levante Wool-Rib-Tights_2 Levante Sheer Low Waist Tights_2


Levante Past Seasons

Levante Airskin Opaque_2 Levante Amore Backseam Tights_2 Levante Diamond Tulle Tights_2 Levante Renee Tights_2 Levante Sheer Brix Tights_2 Levante Sheer Fantasy_2
Levante Bodytones IN SHAPE_2 Levante Bridal Passion_2 Levante Brillante_2 Levante Brillante (2)_2 Levante Brillante Opaque_2 Levante Chantal_2
Levante Chloe_2 Levante Class_2 Levante Class Sheer Toe_2 Levante Eclipse_2 Levante Flex_2 Levante Leg Spa_2
Levante Lustre Opaque Tights_2 Levante 40 Denier Microfibre Opaque Tights_2 Levante Nude Control_2 Levante Fashion Tights Plaid Militiare_2 Levante Relax_2 Levante Firm Relax Tights_2
Levante Romantic 30 hold up_2 Levante Sharade_2 Levante Skin Tight Revive_2 Levante Skin Tight 5_2 Levante Skin Tight Cosmetic_2 Levante Soft Lustre Tights_2
Levante Soft Opaque Tights_2
Levante Solare_2 Levante Solare 2006_2 Levante Velata_2 Levante Velux_2 Levate Vermeer Hold Ups_2
Levante Miller Footless Tights_2


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