Kunert is a sister company of Hudson. Kunert are a widely found and prolific brand in Europe. Seldom if ever seen on sale in the UK.  Fortunately most of the range can be bought on line.

Quality is very good from their cheapest offerings which are priced to compete with Aristoc and the like to their top quality which are priced close to Wolford's entry level.

Excellent mid market brand.

Kunert Arabesque Lace Tights_2 Kunert Charleston Leggings_2 Kunert Chinchillan 20 Tights_2 Kunert Fashion Tights Stocking Effect_2 Kunert Fashion Tights Sheer_2 Kunert fly&care_2
Kunert Forming Effect 20 Tights_2 Kunert Fresh Up 10 Tights_2 Kunert Glatt & Softig 20 Tights_2 Kunert Leg Control 40 Tights_2 Kunert Leg Control 70 Tights_2 Kunert Moonlight Tights_2
Kunert Mystique Tights_2 Kunert Opaque 40 Tights_2 Kunert Satin Look 20 (2007)_2 Kunert Fashion Tights Hold Up Effect_2 Kunert Velvet Cotton Tights_2


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