HYD Push Up 10 Tights

HYD Push Up 10 Tights

10 Denier matt sheer tights with push up effect for your bottom and shaping for your upper thigh.

Opaque panty

Available in 6 sizes

10 Denier, 83 % Nylon, 17 % Lycra, Price: 15.00

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HYD Push-Up 10 Denier Tights

Our Review

It isn’t very often these days that we receive tights from a brand that we have not seen or heard of previously, when that brand claims premium quality on a par with Wolford and Fogal it promises to be a treat.   The supplier of the sample should know a thing about quality, they currently sell Fogal and have past connections to Wolford.

The three samples of tights we received from Luxury Legs give a snapshot of the range; one support tight in 70 denier, an ultra-sheer in 7 denier and in the middle this 10 denier control top style.

As we noted on the introduction to HYD they are a Spanish hosiery company but they make their tights in Italy.   You can see at once that they are a little different from other brands when you check out the packaging; firstly like Fogal there is no packet picture and their sizing if Fogal-like too.  There are no fewer than six sizes with XM and XL covering the same heigh ranges as M and L but catering for more weight.  In addition to the height and weigh based charts there is a table of international sizes based on dress size.  Our test pair came in size 4 (L) which should fit up to 5’10 and a UK dress size 16.. Perfect.

First impressions? Well it has to be the scent, there is a strong perfume so you may want to wash or at least air these tights before wearing them. The legs are light and soft, shaped at the heel and entirely sheer all the way to the toe seam, the toe seam is well finished but not up to say Falke standards.   The panty is a complete contrast, it is heavy and engineered for maximum shaping, unlike some control top pantyhose these are designed to do more than simply squeeze.  The panty feature flat seams and a lined gusset

As you slip these tights on you feel like you are donning light summer sheer tights and a pair of cycling shorts at the same time.  The sheer legs feel sublime and seem to merge with your skin... the 7 denier style promises to be amazing.  If the legs flow over your skin then the panty has to be dragged and pulled, take care you don’t pull on the leg by mistake!.  Luckily there is plenty of length in the leg so the leg follows the panty without dragging.

Once on the feel is like a pantygirlde with everything shaped and firmed without any flattening of your bottom.  

Nothing this tight will ever be truly comfortable but the sizing is spot on and the fit is excellent.   The look is great to, the legs add a perfect even tan to your leg without drawing attention to your hosiery and the shaping top is the perfect foundation for clingy fashions.   There is no need to wear any other underwear with these tights.

Worth 15?  You bet, only slight more expensive than similar tights from Pretty Polly and Aristoc but a class apart.

High recommended

27 August 2013


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