Until recently Hudson were tights are not sold in the UK but they were widely available in Europe. 

Founded 1926 in New York, Hudson are cosmopolitan and unconventional. Originality, fun, entertainment and excitement are represented in the collection's style and the state of mind behind this brand.

They are now made in Germany and are a retro trip in the fifties look.

Hudson is a sister company to Kunert. are now selling the Hudson range in the UK.  

Hudson City 15 Tights_2 Hudson Colonial Leggings_2 Hudson Cover 40 Holdups_2 Hudson Cover 40 Tights_2 Hudson Glamour 20 Tights (2008)_2
Hudson Light 8 Tights_2 Hudson Lillyput Tights_2 Hudson Relax Softskin 20 Tights_2 Hudson Skin 10_2 Hudson Tradition 20 Tights_2
Hudson Transparent Tights_2 Hudson Relax Ultralight 10 Tights_2 Hudson Wave Design Tights_2


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