Gracia Hosiery

Gracia  (ГРАЦИЯ) is the brand name for a Russian hosiery manufacturer called ARKTUR (АРКТЧР) who are based in the western suburbs of Moscow.   They are one of the leading hosiery manufacturers in Russia.

Russia may not be where you first think of for hosiery, Italy has a far bigger history in this area;  It is no accident then that Gracia hosiery is designed by Italians and made on Italian machines.

They have a number of ranges including Golden Gracia which is their premium brand, Gracia for more everyday sheers, Fashion Gracia for more daring designs and a range of children’s hosiery.

Although currently not available through retail outlets in the UK we have managed to source a number of sample pairs from the Golden Gracia range.

Gracia Bikini 20 Tights_2 Gracia Bikini 40 Tights_2 Gracia Bravo 40 Tights_2 Gracia Effect Mini Fishnet Tights_2 Gracia Microcotton 130 Tights_2
Gracia Model Top 20 Tights_2 Gracia Model Top 40 Tights_2 Gracia Nataly 20 Tights_2 Gracia Nataly 40 Tights_2 Gracia Olya Tights_2
Gracia Podium 20 Tights_2 Gracia Velour 40 Tights_2 Gracia Vika 20 Tights_2 Gracia Vika 40 Tights_2

Gracia Brand 1
Gracia Brand 4

As you can see from this small selection of Gracia’s own pictures their hosiery really does have a classy look to it.


Gracia Brand 3

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