Golden Lady

Italian made tights. A budget brand normally sold in supermarkets and the like in the UK, but more highly regarded in continental Europe.

The Armonia 15 are a style sold in Ukraine and elsewhere, they are much higher quality than the styles sold in the UK. The five UK styles reviewed up to Feb 2004 appeared to be two designs made up in a number of different fibres. There are still cheaper styles in the supermarkets but these have not been tested.

Since late 2012 a selection of the best styles have been available online through UKTights

Golden Lady Seamless Feel Nude 15 Tights_2
Golden Lady Armonia 40_2 Golden Lady Ciao 15d Tights_2 Golden Lady Dynamic 15_2 Golden Lady Elegance 15_2
Golden Lady Elegance 20_2 Golden Lady Magic 15_2 Golden Lady Sunfresh_2 Golden Lady Sunlight 8 Tights_2


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