Glamory Satin Matt 20 Tights

Glamory Satin Matt 20 Tights

Transparent tights with a matt finish,  extra wide brief and thigh area, very comfortable to wear, perfect fit, flat seams, comfort gusset,  fully boarded, reinforced toe

Sizes 40-42 to 60-62

Black or natural or make-up

20 Denier, 82 % Nylon, 18 % Lycra,  Price: 10.99

Glamory Satin Matt 20 Tights


Our Review

Glamory make tights for both men and women but look at the denier ,fibre mix, price and even the size chart and they are suspiciously identical... so is it just a case of changing the packaging?

All three styles we have from Glamory are different finishes so we can’t know for sure, but we will look out for differences and similarities as we review.

Here with have tights that feel soft and smooth, a huge contrast to the harsh feel of the Men Classic 20 Tights. There are similarities though, reinforced toe, shaped legs and a boxer style panty with flat seams and an unlined gusset.

As we said the size chart is the same for all styles and all our samples came in size 44-46 (Large in most German brands), where the male sample came up short this style was sized exactly as expected.

Fit on the leg is excellent, the boxer style brief is knitted to provide as much room in the hips as possible so although accurate sized it is a very loose fit, great if you don’t like to feel constrained but disconcerting if you like tights that really hold on.  Incidentally the description says “comfort gusset”, in size 44-46 at least this is a conventional gusset not a rear panel.

The satin matt finish is very flattering indeed and the colour is perfectly even.

These really are tights for the larger lady and we can recommend them for that alone if you need the larger sizes.  44-46 equates to a 18-20 UK dress size, the largest size 60-62 to a dress size of 34-36 so this range starts pretty much where others finish.

And for the guys.... well there male and female styles are identically shaped so choose the finish you like and pay no heed to the gender implied by the packaging.

18 January 2014

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