Glamory Satin 20 Tights

Glamory Satin 20 Tights

Satin Sheer tights, transparent, extra wide brief and thigh area, very comfortable to wear, perfect fit, flat seams, comfort gusset, reinforced toe

Sizes 40-42 to 60-62

Black or natural or make-up

20 Denier, 82 % Nylon, 18 % Lycra,  Price: 10.99

Glamory Satin 20 Tights


Our Review

Sheers are very much the look of the season and the satin look is one of the most eye-catching finishes.

Glamory tights differ from most in that they are specifically designed for ladies of a fuller figure,  dress sizes 14-36 in UK sizing; dress size would be large in most ranges of tights.  Incidentally they do make tights for me too.

Our test pair came in the second smallest of the 6 sizes (44-46 in German, 16-20 UK) so compares with a size IV or L in Falke.

Detailing is typical of larger size tights with sheer and shaped leg finished with a reinforced toe that includes a run-stop, the panty is boxer style with flat seams, an unlined gusset and a plain waistband.   The reinforced boxer brief is not our favourite aesthetically but it does provide optimum stretch and strength.

Once on your legs you can hardly see the transition from leg to panty, there is almost no change in weight just a change in finish from quite a subtle satin sheen to Matt.  Just take care not to wear with a skirt or shorts that is too short.

Sizing is spot on, just a little care is nedded to maximise the leg length if you are tall. Fit on the leg is excellent with no bagging, sagging or creasing.  Fit in the panty is good but inevitably not perfect with so much stretch provided... Good tights for those ladies who hate being squeezed by the top of their tights.

All in all very good sheer tights that look great and feel well made and durable.

As we said before Glamory make tights for men too.  Well guys if you are shorter and heavy in the legs then the men's styles might work for you but otherwise we would recommend this style. 

8 May 2014

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