We have Givenchy Tights from two sources, we believe these to be two entirely separate companies making use of the same brand name.   On the on hand we have Givenchy pantyhose/tights sold in the USA by Alex Blake.  These are made in Italy and are of very good quality.



Givenchy Essential Body Gleamers Control Top_2 Givenchy Essentials Body Gleamers Superbe Control Top_2 Givenchy Total Control Body Smoothers_2 Givenchy Essentials Pantyhose_2 Givenchy Essentials  Pure Body Luxury Tanga Top_2

On the other hand. Givenchy Tights from Japan? Well they may have some connection with “the” Givenchy but then again the Japanese make Whisky that is not a patch on real Scotch too



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