Gerbe Inoui Tights

Gerbe Inoui Tights

Fashion Tights

Imitation of a peacock’s feather knitted on the heel

Graphic Back Seam

Signature waistband

Cotton Gusset

Invisible reinforced toes

20 Denier, 88 % Nylon, 11 % Lycra, 1 % Cotton, Price: €20.95

Gerbe Inoui Tights

Our review

Can class ooze?   If it can then these tights ooze class.   Beautifully made with flat body seams, a cotton lined gusset and the beautiful scallop topped waistband with the Gerbe motif.

Our one minor reservation is that the wide seam stops at the top of the thigh rather than at the waist.

We tested the largest size (size 4), the legs had plenty of stretch, all the way to a 34” leg if put on carefully.   The sizing is in line with the charts but the quality of manufacture and Lycra content allow them to stretch well beyond the published size.

Fit is fantastic from waist to toe.  As ever the Gerbe waistband hold them perfectly in place.   The finish on the leg has a pearl lustre to it that flatters in any light.   The broad seam is a nice alternative to the classic pencil seam and we were delighted that the seam sat straight immediately.

The heel design is very clever as it looks equally good at the back of the heel, as in the photo above, or set slightly under the foot, as it will be if you have larger feet.

Perfect hosiery for that big night out.

25 June 2007

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