Gerbe Futura 40 Tights

Gerbe Futura 40 Tights

Opaque matt tights, 40 Deniers aspect.  Optimum progressive tightening to tone the legs.


Invisible reinforced heels and toes.

40 Denier, 84 % Nylon, 15 % Lycra, 1 % Silk, Price: €24.90

Gerbe Futura 40 Tights

Our Review

Just when it looks like Spring is about to burst into life here in England the weather forecasters are talking about snow at the weekend.    So time to put the sheers back in the drawer for a few weeks at get the opaque tights out.

40 denier is a great compromise weight, sheer enough to flatter the leg while warm enough for colder days.    The fact that these tights are from Gerbe, one of our favourite makers makes almost happy there is colder weather as an excuse to try them.

Not cheap at €24.90 (19.50) but as soon as you open the packet you can feel the quality.   We have always liked the way Gerbe have made their waistband, and this time it is even prettier with a criss-cross design between the Gerbe motifs.  The seams in the panty and around the silk lined gusset are flat and perfectly finished.

Sheer to waist of course, but when you get to the feet there is a great surprise.   Not just shaped on card, these tights have a fully shaped sewn heel. No expense has been spared in the detailing.

Gerbe say “progressive tightening to tone the legs”.   Well at the feet these are very tight tights, in fact if you have weak fingers you probably won’t get them on.   The toe and heel detailing ensures that fit is perfect and that movement is not restricted.   Once you have these tights on you feel embraced rather than squeezed.

Fit is perfect, and sizing is in accordance with the charts.  

The finish on the leg is matt with a slight sheen in the right light.   Colour is of course perfectly even.   Reasonably soft to the touch and just so all your senses get a equal share there is a lovely swish when you cross your legs.

These are among the best 40 denier opaque tights we have ever seen in terms of fit and look and feel.   Add in the graduated compression that really does make for happier legs, sitting or standing, and we would say that these should be your first choice if you need to wear 40 denier tights all day.

4 April 2008

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