Gerbe Cupidon Tights

Gerbe Cupidon Tights

Lycra tights with embroidery inspired from Saint Valentine.

Motif “line of hearts at the back of the leg.

Cotton gusset

Reinforced toes.

20 denier, according to the Gerbe web site.

20 Denier, 83 % Nylon, 12 % Lycra, 4 % Polyester, 1 % Cotton, Price: €20.45

Gerbe Cupidon Tights

Our Review

These tights brought up a bit of a puzzle before we even opened the packet.   The size chart on the back goes up to size 4 but the front clearly carries the size 5.

The Gerbe web site gives a more complete size chart up to size 8.  The site also confirms that they are still available in three colours and 5 sizes as of July 2007.   For just €3.90 a pair.

This is one of the first Gerbe styles we have seen that is not sheer to waist.   The fantastic Gerbe signature waistband is attached to a deep reinforced brief, we would estimate at 60-80 denier.   The brief is finished with flat seams and a cotton lined gusset.

The sheer legs are fully shaped and carry a heart motif on the back of each leg from the top of the thighs, just below the brief, to the lightly reinforced toes .  Interestingly the toes look more sheer than the legs, but for the clear demarkation between the leg and toe we would have called them sandal toes.

On the leg the colour is very even and the finish smooth.   It is hard to categorise the look, but it is not matt, gloss, pearl or any of the other adjectives we would use.   The look is of 20 denier tights.  The heart “seam” sits nice and straight.

The brief is a complete surprise it really is a control top, or at least a semi-control top.  Not what we expected at all on pair of tights with a heart seam.

Nice enough tights but not up to the usual standards of Gerbe, although they are very comfortable.

A rare “near miss” from Gerbe.....   but it was a miss 4 years ago!

6 July 2007

If you like the idea you can get a variation of it with Emilio Cavallini Heart Seam Tights, again with a boxer style brief.

3 April 2009

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