George at Asda

George is the own brand clothing label for the Asda supermarket chain, now part of the Wal-mart conglomerate.

We reviewed many of these tights quite early on before we had access to a scanner, or even bothered to keep the packaging.  It was also a time when we had hoped that there was some good quality hosiery to be had at very cheap prices.

On the whole the hosiery at Asda is pretty cheap and unremarkable.   Very much better than bare legs though!  More recent reviews seem to indicate an improvement in quality without a great increase in price.

Spring/Summer 2013 Season

George Ultimate GlossTights with Silk Protein_2 George Ultimate Sheen Tights with Silk Protein_2 George Ultra Comfort Tights_2

Past Seasons

George Invisible Slimming_2 George Seamed Tights_2 Asda Ultimate Leg Care Medium Support Tights_2 George Ultimate Nude_2 George Ultimate Sheer 8 Denier_2 George Ultimate Soft 10 Denier_2

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