Gatta Girl-Up Tights

Gatta Girl-Up  Tights

Fancy ladies’ tights with the addition of elastane yarn.

T-band reinforced

Sandal toe

20/50 Denier, 93 % Nylon, 7 % Lycra  Price: 6.99

Gatta Girl-Up Tights

Our Review

Gatta always manage to provide great style at a very sensible price and they have done it again here... in fact you almost get two styles in one as the ribbon and bow “suspender” is only on one side so you can wear them as pictured above or have the design at the rear.  This is clearly a design decision as made this way they have to knit left and right legs differently which increases costs.  It is great too to see a brand at the cheaper end of the market coming up with something new rather than “borrowing” a design from the likes of Woldford or Trasparenze.

Construction is excellent too, the upper part is sheer to waist with a gusset for comfort and hygiene and it is seamed with flat seams and T-band reinforced for strength.  The lower legs are made straight and unreinforced.

Dual weight tights can be tricky to put on but no problems here, the upper part feels reassuringly strong.

Sizing is accurate, just select a size based on hip measurement.  One slight criticism is that the design sat a little low on a very long leg but this should not be a worry unless you have big feet and long lower legs for your height.

Fit is excellent.

Style aside these tights are very practical in that they keep your lower legs warm without getting you hot and sweaty further up... So Helen here are the tights to answer your question!

Great style and value from Gatta.

2 December 2013

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