Gabriella Kaya Leggings

Gabriella Kaya Leggings

Fantasy, silky and opaque leggings made of microfibre, using Lycra 3D technology.

Flat seam.

50 Denier, 85 Nylon, 15 % Lycra,  Price: 6.99

Gabriella Kaya Leggings

Our Review

First a word of advice to any girls and ladies in the UK or USA. When Gabriella or any other Polish brand use the term “leggings” they mean footless tights; these are underwear to wear with a skirt or shorts, please do not wear them as outerwear.    The clue if you needed it is as well as being only 50 denier there is a gusset.

It is not clear which is the front and which is the back but having tried both ways the grey to the front on the upper leg looks best.

Just two sizes defined in terms of height and hip size.   Hip size is critical, height and leg length will just determine how far down your leg leg the plain cuff will be.  There is plenty of length in the leg, possibly even too much if you are shorter than 28” in the leg (for size 3/4)

Fit is very good indeed and the look on the leg is very flattering.   Our tip is to wear over a pair of sheer to waist natural tights for a perfect tanned look at the ankle and a smooth silhouette around hips and bottom.

The styling of these leggings is such that you could wear them at ant time, shopping, clubbing or even in the gym.  Black and grey is a classic and timeless combination.

 Hugely versatile legwear and great value at under 7.

9 October 2013

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