Fogal Annegret Tights

Fogal Annegret Ajoure Tights

Both feminine and nostalgic at the same time
Delicate ajouré pantyhose with a fine linear
and diamond lace pattern

– The refined lacy pattern looks elegant on the skin and is very flattering

– Super soft material

– Soft, comfortable knitted waistband

– Invisible heel

– Reinforced toe

– Cotton gusset

n/a Denier, 94 % Nylon, 6 % Lycra, Price: £25.00

Fogal Annegret Tights

Our Review

When you see Winter fashion tights like Fogal Annegret you really do wonder why so many women forget fashion when the weather turns cold and start wearing black opaque tights.   OK so Fogal tights are not cheap but they are not much more expensive than good quality opaques and you get timeless style.

Spending that bit extra gets you properly sized tights knitted to fit your figure, reinforced where they need to be and patterned all the way to the waist so you can pair with any fashion long or short.

There is a gorgeous softness to these tights, you won’t be able to resist caressing them before you put them on.  When you do put them on you fill find oodles of stretch to cope with even the longest of legs.

Detailing is excellent with a reinforced toe for comfort, shaping at the heel for fit and flat seams and a gusset for a smooth finish.   All topped off with a knitted waistband.

Emma Models Fogal Annegret Tights IMG_9891

Vertical designs can be a challenge but with Fogal quality manufacture it is easy to get the lines straight up your legs first time, twist free.   Excellent news because the design flatter your legs making them look longer and slimmer.

This design is timeless, perfect with plain colours and smooth fabrics or with winter knitwear.   Well made and durable they will keep your legs looking and feeling great for years to come.

27 October 2013

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