Fiore Margo Tights

Fiore Margo Tights

Patterned Tights from the Fiore Golden Line range.

Cotton lined gusset in sizes 3 and 4.

Flat seams

Invisibly reinforced toe.

20 Denier, 85 % Nylon, 13 % Lycra, 2 % Cotton Price: 2.29

Fiore Margo Tights

Our Review

Sheer to waist tights with a 3.5 cm deep waistband.   There is a 4 cm deep finger band below the waistband and a narrow reinforced strip either side of the flat body seams and the cotton lined gusset.

The legs are unshaped and carry a subtle pattern down the outside from the top of the thighs to the sandal toes.

Smooth rather than soft in the hand these tights give an impression of quality that you don’t expect for 2.29.

There is plenty of stretch and the size chart is accurate.   The look and feel on the leg is far more sheer than 20 denier.   Unfortunately they seemed more fragile than we would expect 20 denier tights to be too.  

Handle with care and you have a great alternative to basic sheers at a very reasonable price

4 December 2007

Fiore Vanessa Tights are essentially the same as these, just with a different pattern on the leg.   We had no durability issues with the Vanessa sample so clearly the tights reviewed above must have had a one off flaw.

26 June 2008

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