Fiore Maggie Tights

Fiore Maggie Tights

Patterned tights

Flat seams

Cotton gusset (sizes 3&4)

Invisibly reinforced toes

20 Denier, 86 % Nylon, 12 % Lycra, 1 % Cotton, 1 % Metallic yarn,  Price: 4.60

Fiore Maggie Tights

Our Review

It is wrong to approach any review with preconceptions yet we have seen so many styles from Fiore on the theme of sheer tights with an applied design that we almost feel we could write about these tights without opening the packet... but of course we won’t!

That said there are no surprises. What we have here is typical Fiore, straight legged sheer to waist tights  with very lightly reinforced sandal toes, T-band reinforcement, flat seams, and because our test pair is size 4 a cotton lined gusset.  This of course is true of most Fiore sheer fashion tights, it is the design that really matters.

Lurex thread is incorporated into the knitted in pattern down the side of each leg, just enough to make it the absolute centre of attention.   The pattern runs from just behind the toe to a few inches below gusset level, in the picture above you are seeing the full extent; if we were to be picky we would like to see it go a bit higher so that at accidental rising of your skirt hem did not reveal the top and spoil the illusion of it being endless.

Sizing is defined in terms of height, weigh and hip size.  We would normally recommend going by hip size and then height  but here we think you should pay heed to the weight guidance as the panty portion is not particularly generous.  You can ignore the height guidance as the chart doesn’t really differentiate very much and size 4 will fit way beyond 180cm.

Fit is excellent hip to toe and the base sheer tight has very good even colour showing off the design perfectly.

Fun tights for a party or night out, would also work as part of a more sophisticated outfit built around a little black dress and silver accessories too.

As ever the price is just right, Fiore still offer some of the best value to be found in fashion hosiery.

3 January 2014

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