Fiore Lorena Leggings

Fiore Lorena Leggings

Patterned Leggings

Reinforced panty

Cotton gusset in sizes 3&4


30 Denier, 80 % Nylon, 19 % Lycra, 1 % Cotton,  Price: 4.99

Fiore Lorena Leggings

Our Review

As the weather finally starts to warm up in the UK it is time to look at the alternatives to the opaque tights so many ladies have been wearing since the end of last summer.   There are a few ways to go: stockings with suspenders, cool, sexy but rather a lot of effort in the morning if you are not well practised; hold up stockings, which are great if they will hold up all day for you; sheer summer weight tights, our personal favourite; or this alternative from Fiore, footless tights.   (Yes you could go bare legged but if you think that is a good option you are on the wrong page!)

Notice we said footless tights, Fiore call these leggings but that is just a linguistic anomaly, these are tights to wear with a skirt or shorts.  30 denier with a lace effect the intention is clearly to give maximum concealing effect with minimum weight, a clever choice.    

Detailing is simple but well considered.   Flat seams in the panty, plain cuff at the ankle and uniform weight and finish lace effect between.    The packet says gusset in sizes 3 and 4 and our size 4 test pair does indeed have a cotton lined gusset to help with fit and freshness; but the packet also says boxer style reinforced panty which is incorrect... these are sheer to waist tights.

Sizing is spot on in terms of hip sizing, we suggest you consider this rather than weight, and generous in terms on length.    Even if you are extremely leggy you will be able to have the cuff at ankle level.

The 30 denier lace conceals skin imperfections as well as any opaque and if very much more stylish.  Perfect for legs not quite ready yet to face the world after the winter.

Great fit, great style and a great price.

21 May 2012

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