Fiore Isabella Tights

Fiore Isabella Tights

Patterned microfibre tights

Invisibly reinforced toe

Gusset, sizes 3&4

Flat seams

40 Denier, 84 % Nylon, 12 % Lycra, 2 % Polypropylene,  1 % Metallic yarn, 1 % Cotton, Price: 5.99

Fiore Isabella Tights

Our Review

The description of these tights did not prepare us for what we first saw on taking them from the packet, although close inspection of the picture would have given a clue; the ankle motif features 5 tiny crystals on each ankle.     The crystal are perhaps intended to emphasise the rest of the ankle motif but we found that the rest was so subtle, even with metallic yarn, that the sparkle of the crystal overwhelmed the motif.

The motif aside these are quite ordinary tights.   Straight 40 denier microfibre legs attached to a reinforced panty that does not in fact have flat seams.     The panty does however include the advertised cotton lined gusset.

Sizing is accurate and the fit on the legs is very good.   The legs have good even colour and the soft matt finish looks as good as it feels.  The ankle motif stands out better once the tights are at full stretch but you need quite strong light to see it well.

A boxer style brief would not have been our choice for this  design, it really does not look very nice and you will need to choose skirts and dresses that keep it well out of sight.

A crystal motif is quite a rare thing on what are very reasonably priced fashion tights but we would have preferred Fiore to have spent just a little more making the basic tights up to a better standard.

A nice idea at a good price but just not well enough delivered.

27 February 2012


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