Emilio Cavallini

Emilio Cavalini Tights

This amazing Italian range of hosiery has shocking and innovative designs sure to change the way you look at tights forever. Emilio Cavallini knows how to turn your legs into a piece of art work.

This range of tights oozes sophistication while still keeping a very flirty Italian flare. This is a very funky brand that still remains very wearable fashion. Keep yourself trendy and grab a pair of these, your legs will love you for it!


Emilio Cavallini Shiny Rib Tights_2 Emilio Cavallini Fishnet Backseam Tights_2 Emilio Cavallini Heart Tights_2 Emilio Cavallini Heart Seam Tights_2
Emilio Cavallini_2 Emilio Cavallini Shiny Rib Tights_2 Emilio Cavallini Shiny Sheer Leggings_2 Emilio Cavallini Suspender Leggings_2


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