Elbeo was once a very common brand of tights in the UK high street. Now part of a much larger concern with other hosiery brands Elbeo, in the UK at least, tends to concentrate on support hosiery, perhaps for the older client.  In Europe though it is quite different, they produce a range of smart chic fashionable designs and classic sheers.  Luckily for the UK tights wearer these more fashionable styles are available on line.

We are delighted to have a selection of Elbeo tights available through our shop pages.


Elbeo Deo Fresh 15 Tights_2 Elbeo Hauchfein 8 Tights_2 Elbeo Nachtglanz 20 Tights_2 Elbeo Seidenglanz 15 Tights_2 Elbeo Active Formula Tights_2 Elbeo Gloria Tights_2
Elbeo Luxury Sheer Satine_2 Elbeo Massage Aktiv Tights_2 Elbeo Sheer Magic Medium Support Tights_2



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