Couture Hosiery

The Couture brand has a chequered history and at one time was one of our favourites on the high street.  We are delighted to be able to report is now owned by Legwear International, also owners of the Cindy, Joanna Grey and Silky.   Couture was recently re-launched with a range of top quality classic sheer tights available from both Legwear International and UK Tights .

Current Couture Styles

Couture Sheer 10 Tights_2 Couture Sheer 15 Tights_2 Couture Sheer Shine Tights_2


Couture Styles of the Past

Couture BodySystem_2 Couture Catwalk Collection sheer tights with backseam and heel_2 Couture Haute Couture Duo Diamante Heel Motif Tights_2 Couture Natural Steps_2 Couture 40 Denier Opaque Tights_2 Couture Positive Energy_2
Couture Sheer Metallic Tights_2 Couture Sheer Nude Tights_2 Couture Sheer Toner Tights_2 Couture Super Gloss Tights_2 Couture Total Slimmer Tights_2

Previous investigations into Couture tights have lead me to “Couture Marketing” rather than a tights or stockings manufacturer. It seems therefore that they exist mostly as a brand for selling others products.

More recent purchases carry the name of Flude Hosiery of : Rugby Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire.

Once available from online hosiery stores and in the tights and stockings sections of department stores such as Debenhams and House of Fraser.

Update 23 August 2007

In response to a query from one of our readers we tried to contact Flude Hosiery to find out where their tights are currently available.   They seemed to have disappeared both from the high street and the on-line stores.   Our e-mail bounced and parts of the web site are not working.   This suggests to us that the brand is currently dormant.   We hope that it will return in the future in some form and when it does we will review the latest styles.

Update 3 September 2007

Many thanks to reader Anne Buchanan who managed to make contact with Flude Holdings by telephone.  A limited range of One Size and Extra-Large tights are available, they are selling at 1.99 per pair with a minimum order of 12.

Update 23 February 2009

The Couture brand is now owned by Legwear International, also owners of the Cindy, Joanna Grey and Silky.   Couture will be re-launched with a new rage of designs later in the year.

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