Charnos is that rare and wonderful thing, a British hosiery manufacturer.  Owned by the Melas Group Charnos manufacture the bulk of their hosiery in the Nottingham area, the home of hosiery and lace making and where the mechanised knitting of stockings began in the 1800s. 

(A shame then that 99% of our review samples were made in Italy)

Charnos tights are of good quality, they have a good range of sheer tights and fashion tights. Widely available both in the high street and through on-line hosiery suppliers.

Charnos & Mary Portas Collections Autumn 2012

Charnos Two Tone Cube Tights_2
Mary Portas Scroll Shaper Tights_2

Charnos Current Sheer Tights Styles

Charnos 24 7 Sheer Gloss Tights_2
Charnos Boudoir Scantihose Tights_2 Charnos Boudoir Suspender Tights_2 Charnos Elegance Tights_2 Charnos Run Resist Tights_2 Charnos Sheer Lustre 2008_2
Charnos Simply Bare Tights_2

Charnos Current Opaque Tights Styles

Charnos 100 Denier Opaque Tights_2
Charnos 60 Denier Opaque Tights_2
Charnos 30 Denier Semi Opaque Tights_2

Charnos Current Fashion Tights Styles

Charnos Multi Diamond Tights_2 Charnos Argyle Fashion Tights_2

 Charnos Support Tights Styles

Charnos Light Support Tights_2 Charnos Medium Support Tights_2 Charnos Ultimate Shaper Tights_2 Charnos Killer Figure Hourglass Control Tights_2 Charnos Killer Figure Waist Cincher Control Tights_2

Charnos Mary Portas Collection Autumn 2011

Mary Portas Argyle Backseam Tights by Charnos_2 Mary Portas Satin 80 Tights by Charnos_2 Mary Portas Spotty Net Tights by Charnos_2

 Charnos Past Season Fashion Tights Styles

Charnos Backseam Tights_2 Charnos Jerry Hall Collection Boardroom_2 Charnos Cable Opaque Tights_2 Charnos Fashion Diamond Tights_2 Charnos Net Bold Stripe Tights_2 Charnos Net Chevron Net Tights_2
Charnos Fashion Pinstripe_2
Charnos Jerry Hall Collection Thong Brief Tights_2 Charnos Sheer Bow Tights_2
Charnos Triple Backseam Tights_2
Charnos Net Two Toned Mesh Tights_2 Charnos Net Vertical Stripe Tights_2
Charnos Chevron Net Tights_2

 Charnos Past Season Sheer  Tights Styles

Charnos Leg Art_2 Charnos Light Fantastic (2002)_2 Charnos Luxury Invisible Control Top_2 Charnos Luxury soft, sensual and sheer_2 Charnos Metallic_2 Charnos Perfection_2
Charnos Satin_2 Charnos Semi Opaques soft, subtle sheen_2 Charnos So Smooth_2 Charnos Transparent_2




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