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A woman's world, dedicated to women, created by three feminine styles,  inherited from a family business that has been operating for thirty  years. A mixture of art and craftsmanship, putting the emphasis on  shading, brightness of colour and explosions of fashion detail, combined with the very highest standards of quality, comfort and sophistication. All made with the finest raw materials Gaetano Cazzola tights and stay-up stockings are unique in terms of style and  design.

In association with Hosieree


Cazzola Gaetano Tights
Hot Fashion Lace Tights
$31.99 Details
Life Fashion Printed Tights
$29.79 Details
Rox Geometric Pattern Tights
$30.95 Details
Mouse Fashion Leggings
$36.79 Details
Perla Fashion Tights
$31.95 Details
25910 Alica Fashion Knee-Highs with Lace Top
$24.95 Details
25676 Lydia Leg Warmers
$29.29 Details
Edera Leggings Effect Tights
$26.99 Details
Fiamma Stocking Imitation Tights
$29.79 Details
Tresor 40 Silver Satin Tights
$11.90 Details



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