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What are BootightsBootights Mid Calf Tights 05Bootights® are the first tights made exclusively for boots – they are premium quality tights with an integrated performance sock (moisture-wicking, keeping feet dry and comfortable, with arch support). They are suitable for both ankle and knee-high boots, with styles offered in either/both ankle and mid-calf sock options.


Oprah Winfrey named Bootights® as one of her ‘Must Have Fashion Items’ and said they were ‘Revolutionary, like the SPANX movement’.


The US inventor was inspired to create Bootights® when she passed through airport security.  She was embarrassed to remove her boots and reveal the socks she had layered over her tights for extra warmth and comfort, and wondered why there wasn’t a better solution to wearing tights with boots.

Bootights® offer an all-in-one solution, keeping feet warm and comfortable, preventing toes slipping in boots and snagging of tights.


Bootights® are available in semi-opaque in core colors of black, brown and heather-grey, with ankle or mid-calf sock height options (the “Core” range, RRP 22.99). Also available in fashion styles (the “Metro Chic” range, RRP 26.99) with mid-calf sock height – e.g. calliope argyle, clark cable, flannel pinstripe, fishnet and seamed. For ultimate luxury, there is a premium 70 denier microfibre opaque tights with ankle height sock, in black or charcoal (the “Luxe” range, RRP 30.99).

Bootights Core 101 Black Midcalf - 2012_2

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