Aristoc Ultra Sheer

Aristoc Ultra Sheer Tights

Sheer leg with bikini brief line and elegant hard finished seams

Sheer toes ideal to wear with sandals.

Perfect to wear when you want a sheer silky look

New design for 2006 replacing the version below.

Our Review

Even on the card these tights have a beautiful silky shine.   In your hand they feel smooth, soft and light.  

Sheer legs with a shaped heel and a sandal toe, topped with a plain brief with flat seams and a cotton lined gusset.   The brief of our test pair was certainly more high leg than bikini.

Incredibly sheer smooth tights that look and feel fantastic.   The move back to 5 denier is a great move by Aristoc. More a glossy tan on your legs than clothing.

One word of caution.   These tights are both quite short (5’10” tall and 30” leg maximum for the large size) and quite delicate.   If you try to over stretch them they will tear.

23 January 2007

Aristoc Ultra Sheer (2006)

5 Denier, 82 % Nylon, 16 % Lycra, 2 % Cotton , Price: 4.75


Aristoc Ultra Sheer Tights

Ultra Sheer gives legs a flawless finish from waist to toe. The 8 denier tights are completely sheer knit with micro-fibre for a second skin appearance and Lycra ® 3D for a perfect fit.
The ultimate in refined legwear - Sheer indulgence.
Deep comfort waistband
barely there flat seams
second skin micro-fibre leg
Lycra ® 3D for a perfect fit
durable shadow toe
velvety soft to the touch

The inner packet is sealed with a sticker saying "Please be gentle with me, my sensitive nature means I need to be handled with care." This is over the more usual clear sticker so it may have been added by the supplier rather than the maker.
At first touch these tights are soft, smooth and light.
Visually they look to be quite short in the leg. The leg is straight.
Seams are flat, gusset is of the sheer type.
Toes are reinforced.
Feel quite tight as you put them on, and at first it seems they will not be long enough. With gentle smoothing and stretching these tights fit beautifully. Smooth and soft on the leg, and long enough to reach above the waist even on a tall wearer.
Classic sheer to waist tights

Aristoc Ultra Sheer (2003)

8 Denier, 66 % Nylon, 34 % Lycra, Price: 4.75

Prior to 2003 this name was used for another style entirely

Aristoc Ultra Sheer Tights

5 Denier strong ultra sheer tights, with high shine.
Sheer to waist with sandal toe.

Fully shaped heel, deep waistband. Sheer and shiny, quite soft due to fine denier. Soft sheer gusset.
Superb fit. One of my favourites.
First test pair (Known as Ultra Five) were destroyed by machine washing..(these were 87% Nylon 13% Lycra®, cotton gusset)
Also available with reinforced panty and sheer gusset (see Ultra Five Economy)
New pairs purchased at 1.99 per pair at TKMaxx, came in a smaller packet but are as previous
Formerly known as Aristoc Ultra 5, these were worn by Diana Princes of Wales.. And gifted to BBC Correspondent Jennie Bond


Aristoc Ultra Sheer02

Also made with a seam and reinforced panty.   This version has a boxer style brief, reinforced toes and an unlined gusset.    The wide seam runs from the toe to just below the top of the leg.   Very much tights   trying to look like seemed stockings and failing.

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